What is the salary of an JET Exam Senior officer ?

one of my friend of friend he apply for JET Exam Senior officer in 2016 through JET Exam and he clear online exam and interview . in 1st year training he get 15 thousand staring salary after training he will get above 35 thousand .

as per JET exam notification (Joint Employment test Notification )

Presently the starting basic pay is Rs.15,620/- (with 4 advance increments) The official will also be eligible for Dearness Allowance (D.A), House Rent Allowance (H.R.A)/ Lease rental, City Compensatory Allowance (C.C.A), Medical and other allowances & perquisites as per rules in force from time to time.

Senior officer (SO) is a starting level post of any officer . So you will have kept under approx 1 to 2 years of training period. In which you learn basic and essential duties of a SO in the Office.

JET Exam SO Salary and Allowances

Check The other main benefits payable on a monthly basis as part of the salary of Senior officer (SO)  . You can check details here. In addition to Basic Pay,Senior officer , junior officer , assistant officer and management trainee  are eligible for the following allowances –

  1. Dearness Allowance (DA) – It is a cost of living adjustment allowance paid to all govt and public sector Senior officers. It is revised on a quarterly basis and based on Consumer Price Index (CPI). Calculation of DA depends on inflation. DA can go up with higher inflation and also come down if the inflation rate is in negative.
  2. HRA – This depends on the place of posting, and it can be either 9.0% or 8.0% or 7.0% depending on the place of posting .
  3. Special Allowance – This will add in 10th BPS (wef. 01/11/2012) and for Scale, I 7.75% on which DA is also payable .
  4. CCA – This also depends on the place of posting and can be either 4% (maximum Rs.870/-) or 3%(Maximum Rs.600/-) or 0% .
  5. Conveyance allowance – It is paid for commuting between home and office .


Can students with backlogs can appear for JET exam?

(JET Exam ) I think in the notification they didn’t mention about backlogs or percentage of marks. You can apply if you met the eligible criteria mentioned in the notification . ( joint Employment test )

but i think Candidates whose results will be/was declared before JET Exam result , they are eligible to apply the JET examination. It means that backlog candidates can’t appear in the examination.

if you have any queries regarding JET Exam They Provided Official email Address examcontroller@jetexam.in

जेट सीनियर ऑफिसर की पोस्ट में किस तरह का काम होता है ? वे कर्मचारियों को क्या सुविधाएं प्रदान करते हैं?

What kind of work does a do jet Senior Officer ?

JET Exam : सीनियर ऑफिसर का पद बहुत महत्वपूर्ण और जिमेदारियो वाला होता है वह तकनीकी और प्रबंधकीय दोनों के लिए सेवा के सभी पहलुओं में अपनी टीम का नेतृत्व करता हैं। सीनियर ऑफिसर को जिस भी प्रॉजेक्ट पर वर्क करना होता है वह उससे रिलेटेड सभी पहलुओं पर अपनी टीम के साथ काम करता है। यह एक फुल टाइम जॉब है।

उनके साथ काम करने वाले कर्मचारियों के साथ सौहार्दपूर्ण संबंध बनाए रखने की अपेक्षा की जाती है और अपने वरिष्ठ अधिकारियों को नियमित रूप से सूचित करना । यह एक चुनौतीपूर्ण नौकरी और संतोषजनक जॉब है।

टैनिंग पीरियड के बाद  जेट सीनियर ऑफिसर को घर , कार जैसी सुविधाएं भी दी जाती है।